The LAPOA survives only by the voluntary donations and goodwill of our Owner Members. It is necessary that the LAPOA  raise enough money each and every year for our fish stocking program and 4th of July festivities as well as hosting our meetings and other get togethers.

OUR #1 GOAL is 100% Owner Member donation participation every year. The recommended annual donation is $50-$100 per lot owned; however, more or less is always welcome, the key is that everyone participates.   You may make a single annual donation or split your donations up throughout the year however best suits your personal budget. 

There are 3 easy ways you may donate to the LAPOA:

 #1 Send in a check by mail:  Simply make your check payable to the LAPOA and mail it to LAPOA, PO BOX 262, COLMESNEIL, TX 75938.

 #2 Check in person:  Everyone is encouraged to come to the four LAPOA Board Meetings held each year. Please feel free to simply bring a check payable to the LAPOA with you when you attend any Board Meeting in person.

 #3 Online by clicking the "DONATE" button below:  This links you to PayPal where you may complete your donation by credit card or bank draft. A PayPal account is NOT required.