Welcome to the home page of the Lake Amanda Property Owners Association (LAPOA), Inc., a Texas Non-Profit Corporation. We are glad you stopped by!

 Lake Amanda (and our neighbors to the south, Frog Pond) were developed in the 1950s & 1960s by James Haralson from his family's old homestead. Lake Amanda was named after Mr. Haralson's daughter.  The lots surrounding the lake were originally designed as fish camps where families could come to camp, fish, and enjoy the outdoors.  Today some folks call the lake home full time, others are here enjoying their retirement, and others just visit as a weekend get-away and it is held exclusively and legally for the benefit of the property owners around Lake Amanda.

Both our lake and the dam itself are owned and managed by the Lake Amanda Water Control Improvement District #1. The LAWCID is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and structural integrity of our dam.  The LAPOA has responsiblity for all operations of the lake under a long-term lease with the LAWCID.  It is important that our Owner-Members make annual donations to fund and operate our beautiful lake front properties for our enjoyment and to enable the stocking of fish for the lake as well as enabling the hosting of quarterly meetings and other get togethers.

The Board of the LAPOA is made up of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and five (plus one alternate) Directors, all of whom are elected from a pool of volunteer Owner-Members.  The Board hosts four meetings throughout the year, several "work days", and sponsors both an annual fishing contest that runs from October 1 - September 30 each year (register at Debbie's Hardware!) and the July 4th boat regatta and dock decorating competition. The Board also has many volunteer Committees that manage & monitor things like fish, gates, and welcoming new neighbors.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved, volunteer, and enjoy some time with your neighbors while helping to keep our lake a wonderful place to be!